Premature Ejaculation: How to End It

Premature Ejaculation is a common sexual problem where a man comes in too quickly.  In survey done among thousands of male, 10% of them admitted that they had trouble with their ejaculation.  Another survey shows that 36 million of men experiences premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation can be difficult to diagnose since it can be subjective and it really depends on satisfaction that each partner receives.  Some couples may consider 25 minutes as satisfactory sexual experience while some may find it inadequate! In a survey done in 2006 , men with premature ejaculation mentioned that they can only last for 1.8 minutes compared to normal men who would last for an average of 7 minutes. Another survey also reveals that 2% of men with premature ejaculation would only last for 90 seconds upon vaginal penetration. These males indeed have premature ejaculation.

Clinical experts  mentioned that couples regard sexual intercourse under 20 minutes as unsatisfactory  and any ejaculation in under 10 minutes can be a considered premature. Of course, a man is experiencing a certain degree of premature ejaculation when he ejaculates too soon before his partner can even climax or feel orgasm!

Sex should be pleasurable for both partners and premature ejaculation hinders the pleasure of one partner, leaving her unsatisfied! Premature ejaculation can negatively impact your relationship!  It will be exasperating for your partner since you are not able to completely satisfy her desire. Premature ejaculation can also make you anxious and you won’t be able to experience the sex too.  Since the both of you are not enjoying the sexual experience anymore then this will lead to less sexual activity. Premature ejaculation can affect your emotional and mental condition and you’ll feel less confident and hesitant to even initiate sex.

Fortunately, there are male enhancement treatments available for premature ejaculation and you can choose from many options. The Following tips can help men control their ejaculation easily. It’s best to include your partner in the treatment so that you can get a successful outcome!

1. Use the stop-start or squeeze-pause technique. This technique was developed by Semans and by Master and Johnson. This is found to be very effective and it can be practiced through masturbation or with a partner. The success rate of this technique is 98%!

In this technique, the penis is stimulated to the point where he gets fairly aroused. Then the couple will pause until the arousal subsides. Then the stimulation will be resumed and this is repeated over and over so that the man can experience a higher threshold for ejaculation.  The squeeze technique is sort of like the stop-start procedure but to stop the stimulation , your partner  will firmly squeeze the area of the penis where the glans joins the shaft.  Your partner will use her thumb and forefinger to squeeze the penis. The squeeze will reduce the stimulation .By training the penis and pausing the arousal  , you will be able to add in more minutes to your sexual stamina.

As the couples progress, you can put your penis in the vagina but without thrusting inside. When you become aroused, you can start withdrawing the penis and then you pause for the arousal to subside. The pause and squeeze procedure is a conditioning technique that prolongs the intercourse thus making you control your ejaculation.

2. Another method is by using desensitizing cream for the penis. Desensitizing creams are topical solutions that are formulated to help men last longer during sex. These creams cause a numbing feeling in the penis thus slowing down the ejaculation.  It lessens the sensation but it also comes with side effects and most men complain that it makes the less pleasurable.

3. Herbal treatment can help last longer in bed and supplements such as Vimax Volume Reviews contain natural herbs that helps men control their ejaculation and even pump up their ejaculation.  There are many natural male supplements available in the market now and these are the ingredients that you need to look out for:

  •  L-arginine HCL is an ingredient that improves the sperm movement and health. It’ an essential amino acid that can help pump up you ejaculation volume and this ingredient is found in male enhancement supplements such as Performer5 Reviews.
  • Horny Goat Weed is a plant extract that has been used for thousands of years in China to boost up men’s sexual stamina. It will help boost up your libido and ejaculation volume since it helps men develop better sperm.  Maxirex Reviews, penis enlargement supplement uses this ingredient to help men experience rock hard erection!
  • L-carnitine is an essential nutrient that has been proven in a study done in 2003 to effectively increase semen production. It will considerably intensify the sperm volume thus enhancing men’s ejaculation. Semenax Review uses this ingredient to help men produce more powerful ejaculation.
  • Zinc Oxide helps keep the sperm healthy. It’s important in the production of testosterone and it’s a sexual health nutrient that men needs for their ejaculation to be healthy.  Prosolution Reviews uses this ingredient to help men gain optimum sexual health!
  • Catuaba Bark Extract is a plant native to Brazil and its being used as a sexual stimulant for tribal me.  It has a strong reputation for being an energy booster and boosting sexual function. This herb is found in Vigrx Plus Reviews.
  • Vitamin E is a vitamin that is found in male virility supplements such as Male Extra Reviews. This vitamin helps improve men’s erection and it is often associated with increased sexual stamina and it’s good for the circulation and muscle health.

It’s important that you invest on natural male supplements such as Naturomax Reviews  so that you can reap the benefits of experiencing powerful ejaculation. By choosing to solve you’re ejaculation problems , you can become more confident in bed and a better lover to your partner! Natural male supplements are a good choice in solving your premature ejaculation.  These products are all natural and it will definitely make your partner ask for more sex!